Tell me about Trends: Mix and Match

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June 9, 2018
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October 17, 2018

Tell me about Trends: Mix and Match

“This is your kitchen. Visually it comes down to what you want to be greeted with every time you wander in for something.” This is a statement we make with many homeowners that come to us asking us what’s popular. It’s an industry-wide question that we all deal with, and 2018 trends are showing that homeowners are getting bolder with their overall look. They are designed to enjoy long term, and letting go of the, “what about resale,” thought process.


The style will always be subjective, but a room usually has a definite “feel” to it. That feel we refer to like the style whether it be traditional, contemporary, and so on. There’s been a defined movement towards choosing based on personal preference, regardless of style. It’s a great time to redo your interior because the unexpected is celebrated.


Pairing natural wood looks are making a comeback bringing in beauty through graining and color variation. However, we are seeing a surge of painted cabinets in a style called two-tone. This is the process of painting the uppers and lowers two different colors. Alternately a homeowner could choose one color at the perimeter cabinetry and paint the island a contrasting color. The possibilities truly are endless!


Here’s another place to get creative, especially if you have an island. Picking a spectacular piece of granite and laying in Quartz at the perimeter can create a visually stunning contrast. Equally interesting is pairing quartz looks. Maybe a marble veined quartz at the island with a concrete color at the perimeter. While this trend has been on the rise, this is probably the less popular approach than the others mentioned here.

I’d like to leave you with one final note. Let’s not confuse the term “mix and match” with “free-for-all”. The room does need to coordinate and have a visual sense of flow that will make your investment feel like a place to enjoy. Putting too many colors into a room can make it feel haphazard, as well, so we like to create a neutral backdrop and allow the secondary color to pop without competing. So, pick that element that you want to shine, and bring in the supporting elements to make it the star.

To highlight this series we’ve started pinning other amazing examples of what’s trending. We may do a lot of remodeling, but we don’t always get to carry out every great idea that comes along. So take a peek, be inspired, and come to us to help you make your home your dream!

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