Understanding the Remodeling Scheduling Process

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Understanding the Remodeling Scheduling Process

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One of the obvious differences between new home construction and remodeling is that while the new home is empty the remodeled home has a family living in it through the process. On first glance, this may not seem important. But the reality is that you are sharing your home with us during the remodel. Like visiting relatives, you are glad to see us arrive but also ready for us to leave when the project is complete. To this end, Corvallis Custom Kitchens & Baths have procedures in place to minimize the length of the project while ensuring that your dream project is finished to the highest standards.

Ryan Schweitzer is the new owner and he has over 15 years of General Contracting experience. His expertise allows each project to move through the phases efficiently and gets you moved back into your kitchen, bathroom or addition on schedule. Just ask any of our past customers about the efficiency of our crews and they will attest to our goal of finishing 90% of our projects on schedule (we are only human of course and leave 10% for change orders, weather delays, and human error).

The subcontractors who work on our job sites are hand-picked by Ryan based on their reliability, work ethic, and professionalism. In addition to the normal requirements for licensing, insurance and bonding, our written subcontractor guidelines include sections on job site cleanliness, on-site materials storage, recycling, radio volume, and no smoking. Most of all, these tradespeople are expected to show the utmost respect to you, our customer. We have long-term relationships with our subcontractors leading to further scheduling efficiency; they respect Ryan scheduling expertise and work with our project managers to complete your project on time.