How Much Time Could Planning a Remodel Possibly Take?

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June 3, 2017
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How Much Time Could Planning a Remodel Possibly Take?

If you’ve ever had to plan for an event you know it takes more than just deciding to have an event and showing up (if only it were that easy right!) There’s a lot to consider: who is invited, method of invites, what you’ll serve, location, and the list just goes on. In many regards a remodel is a lot like planning an event: it takes time, consideration, and a lot of choices.

We often receive calls requesting timelines that revolve around mere weeks. While this can be done it’s not optimal as the margin for missing aspects of the jobs goes up. Additionally, unlike the instant access retail locations provide, many items require several weeks to make and receive. Think about a time you were making a purchase for an outfit for a specific occasion. Did it just come together, or did you have to visit multiple stores, trying things on to find the perfect combination? When you look at it that way it becomes clearer why allowing yourself enough time to pick something out like a faucet you’ll be looking at and using for years to come. It’s critical to allow enough time for both yourself and your contractor to plan out your remodel and get all the details perfect. This is an investment and investments take time and consideration.

The other thing to consider is that when you approach a contractor they already have a queue of projects they are working on. Each project can take weeks, and in the case of larger remodels, months to plan.

Sitting on your project until the last minute will often lead to disappointment for your desired timeline. While we want to avoid that the reality is that if there isn’t enough time for planning it just can’t happen.

Starting on remodeling really requires getting started at least 3-5 months in advance with your contractor. Getting an understanding of their timeline can help set realistic expectations from the beginning for both parties involved. We want to design, coordinate, and build your dream. All with the desire of delivering in the time frame you are hoping for.