Excellence is in the Details

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April 25, 2017
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Excellence is in the Details

Red Kitchen

When the details count most

When you think about a time that was special it usually comes down to the details. That restaurant was amazing because the food was plated in a thoughtful manner. That trip was marked by the incredible find on an outing. The hike was extraordinary because of the sighting of a rare animal. It’s the details that make for excellence and connection to a moment in time.

It is the details that you should be looking for in your home experience. A remodel should be a chance to change more than just how a room functions but how it feels. Take our famous red kitchen, for example; what is it that makes it attractive to the eye? The color is certainly very striking, but there are a lot of details that create support for that look. The backsplash is a carefully crafted wave that is built with a color scheme that reinforces the bold red and incorporates the warmth of the pendant light and wood floor. The finishes in the kitchen are all carefully matched so they blend and become pleasing to the eye. Even the knobs on the cabinets reflect the wood choice on the floor to create a harmonious experience.

It’s this exact point that makes some rooms stand out. It’s the ability to step in close and make sure each element becomes a treasured detail. Then stepping back and having the entire room tie together in a beautifully blended look. Accept nothing less than excellence. You deserve the details. Our job is to bring those details to life in your home!