Brian Lindsay


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Brian Lindsay


Brian’s broad range of experience makes him a unique kind of problem solver here at Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths. He has worked in construction (all combined) for 5 years working in various fields and for various companies. His construction experience includes framing, roofing, drywall, electrical, low voltage wiring, audio acoustics, wireless networking, flooring, pole barns, as well as being the first one to aid friends and family in any home improvement projects. What we love most about Brian is his broad knowledge base. His perspective has been invaluable to each project he’s worked on. Not one to complain about even the ugliest of jobs, he consistently shows up and works until the job is done. He is the reserved “thinker” type. 

Out of all of us at Corvallis Custom Kitchens and Baths, Brian has the most diverse of background and experience. After high school, he toured the USA with a rock band (As evidenced by photographs, he had much more hair back then.) He lived in Hollywood, CA where he graduated from Musician’s Institute in 1993. He worked for 6 years in direct care, working primarily with autistic clients and lived in Latvia for 2.5 years while designing and building a recording studio at a Latvian radio station. His musical talents have gained him many opportunities as an audio engineer for different music venues and studios. He obtained his CDL and drove semi-trucks for a year, worked in production for 3 years, worked as a cell tower microwave technician and a tower climber for 3 years. At home, he works as a professional writer. In every job, his inventive and engineering style of thinking has brought numerous creative solutions to his employers. His talents and interests have carried him all over the world, including Hawaii, every state in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Latvia.


Brian’s interests and hobbies are just as diverse as his work experiences. He is a loving and devoted father to his little girl and has homeschooled her up until the last year. This, by far, has been his favorite of all job titles. His wife would say he’s not one to “let the grass grow under his feet”. When he’s not sailing with his wife, he’s been known to free dive, spearfish, bungee jump, make music and enjoy all things outdoors. Despite his rock-star musical history, he loves playing classical music. His repertoire of musical instruments is just as varied as his hobbies. He’s of Scottish ancestry and has been known to wear a kilt at times. His coworkers are still wondering about this, as they have yet to see any sign of a Scottish temper. Brian is a reserved hard worker on the job site, but you would be surprised by his sense of humor and his innovative ideas. If you want to get him talking, ask him about sailing and you will discover where his true passions are.